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Hungary boasts a rich historical legacy in the realms of science and culture. Safeguarding this scientific heritage is the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA). With a history spanning centuries, the MTA has made a profound impact on Hungarian scientific and cultural development. It stands as the nation’s foremost scientific institution, leading the way in research and advancement.

History and Mission

The Hungarian celebration of science pays homage to the memory of István Széchenyi and the establishment of the Academy on November 3, 1825. It is commemorated through a month-long series of scientific events and festivities across the country.

Founded in 1825, the MTA has played a significant role in scientific research, education, and culture. Its mission is to promote scientific and cultural life, as well as to disseminate and preserve knowledge. The MTA is not only esteemed and respected in Hungary but also recognized within the international scientific community, representing the highest standards and prestige of scientific life.

Activities and Research Topics

The MTA has conducted exceptional research activities across various scientific disciplines over the centuries. At the core of its work lies innovation, support for scientific discoveries, and the advancement of societal development. MTA researchers and experts are at the forefront of tackling global challenges, including climate change, healthcare advancements, digital technologies, and sustainable development.

Knowledge Transfer and Education

The MTA is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and culture. It organizes various educational programs, workshops, and conferences to stimulate interest in science and culture and support young scientists and researchers. The Academy places a strong emphasis on scientific education and talent development to ensure the successful growth of future generations and the expansion of the country’s scientific potential.

The MTA’s International Role

The MTA plays a significant role not only in its homeland but also within the international scientific community. The Academy has established numerous international scientific partnerships and collaborations with other leading scientific institutions to facilitate information exchange and joint research initiatives.

The Future of the MTA

The MTA continually faces new challenges in line with the requirements of the modern era. The institution is committed to ongoing development and innovation to maintain its leading role in the fields of science and culture, not only in Hungary but also on the international stage.

As one of Hungary’s most esteemed scientific institutions, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences remains a torchbearer of science and culture, inspiring the new generations to delve into the exciting world of scientific and cultural discoveries.



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