Being Hungarian in America I.


Traveling to a new country is always an adventure, but if preserving traditions and identity is important to you, the entire experience becomes even richer. Ildikó Antal-Ferencz’s work, after moving to the United States, is not just a personal and family story of adventure but an inspiring exploration of the personalities and communities of Hungarian descent in North America.


Gathered into a book from nearly a hundred articles written over a year and a half, the 36+1 interviews are not just a collection about Hungarian Americans but also a portrayal of an era. The interviewees are individuals leading Hungarian American religious, cultural, and civic organizations, actively preserving and passing on their Hungarian identity on the East Coast of the USA and even farther.

These people don’t just exist within the pages of a book; they serve as a prime example for the entire Hungarian diaspora. They demonstrate that the cohesive power of family and community, along with the preservation of identity, is not just a memory of our past but a guarantee for the future.

In this volume published by Bocskai Rádió, freelance journalist Ildikó Antal-Ferencz captures valuable moments, not only significant to members of the Hungarian diaspora but to anyone who believes in the power of preserving culture, language, and traditions.

The interview collection opens doors through which readers can gain insight into the daily lives, challenges, and joys of the Hungarian American community. Readers can feel the passion and commitment with which they guard and nurture their Hungarian heritage.

If you are interested in how Hungarian communities function in the American diaspora, how they maintain their roots, and ensure their future, then this book is for you. It is an exciting and inspiring read for those who believe in the strength of Hungarian families and communities, as well as the importance of preserving Hungarian language, culture, and traditions.

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