Flags, As They Fly ….

Drawing and essay contest on March 16th.
To celebrate the day of the Hungarian flag and coat of arms


National symbols hold profound significance for us, the Hungarian people. The primary reason for this lies in the fact that, although Hungary’s borders do not perfectly align with those of the Hungarian nation, our shared linguistic, cultural, and historical traditions make us unified. Besides our national anthem, the most significant symbols of our national unity are the Hungarian flag and the national coat of arms. The Hungarian National Assembly, through its Resolution No. 45/2014 (XII. 17.), designated March 16 as the memorial day for celebrating the Hungarian flag and coat of arms.

The National Strategy Research Institute, as part of its mission to organize events related to the celebration of this memorial day, has taken on the distinguished task in recent years. Successfully hosting drawing and essay competitions related to the Hungarian flag and coat of arms for all Hungarian preschoolers, students, and university students scattered across the Carpathian Basin and the world. I am pleased to inform you that this year marks the 10th anniversary of our competition.

In addition to the main theme mentioned above, participants can also submit their works in the themes of Hungarian Folktales and, in recognition of the 75-year history of Hungarian space exploration, Hungarian Astronaut in Space. This year, we pay tribute to Jankovics Marcell, a Kossuth Prize and Artist of the Nation awarded film director and graphic artist, the honorary president of our drawing competition.

Competition Themes: Hungarian Flag and Coat of Arms • Hungarian Astronaut in Space • Hungarian Folktales

Submission Deadline: February 17, 2024

Participants: Preschoolers, Elementary School Students, High School Students, Children and Youth in Higher Education

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